Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Micropreneur versus venture funding the battle continues

Just for a bit of fun, 2 years ago I thought I as a Micropreneur would do battle with latest intake from the seedcamp.com venture funded start-up incubator.

So this is how the Alexa.com rankings stack up;

My site www.steelbeamcalculator.co.uk has an alexa rank of 591,684.

The alexa ranking for the seedcamper's is;

1,310,389 gopixel.me
24,044 sharelatex.com
1,696,967 teddytheguardian.com
190,786 stamplay.com
1,803,937 hypeapp.co
RIP spreddit.co.uk
RIP legal-tender.com re-diverts to apperio.com
1,614,790 ctrlio.com
648,340 saberr.com
2,896,635 revisionapp.co.uk
1,885,602 winnowsolutions.com

2 years ago I predicted that 1 or 2 of the seedcampers would do better than me and the rest would fail, suprising how accurate my forecast was, not sure some of the businesses have actually failed or just spluttering along. New site I launched 2 years ago www.beamcalculation.co.uk has an alexa rank of 2,296,695 and is doing pretty well, but not as well as the steelbeamcalculator.co.uk site.

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