Saturday, 16 February 2013

Down with Rools why Structural Engineers Suck!

In engineering and architecture our worst self-inflicted injuries are our rules… of practice that mean we could probably take out half the material from our building structures and they would still be high performers.

To put it another way…if Usain Bolt was a building, his legs would become treetrunks in case he was struck by an earthquake, his gold shoes would be covered in intumescent paint in case they caught fire, and his shirt would be air conditioned in case the poor dear got heat stroke.

Where’s the sense in that? Good design is more than skin deep so designers pride themselves on making something beautiful inside as well as out.

Ah…if only that was true. In reality, most of our creations contain great swathes that are worse than useless….a plethora of plastic, foam, steel, brick, textile or gel that performs absolutely no useful function except denuding the earth of its resources.

And if we are determined to shag ourselves into overpopulation and material poverty, we need at least deal to stop shooting ourselves in the foot (admittedly a difficult act to pull off at the same time).

Kevin (words via Chris Wise, I agree though!)

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