Sunday, 7 August 2011

Enough is Enough

Just watched Chris Wise's excellent webinar on the Institution of Structural Engineers website, really inspirational stuff, he goes into detail about how we can save vast amounts of co2 by reducing the unnecessarily large safety factors we use when designing structures and how the Structural Engineering industry has failed to address this.

Chris discusses that the Structural Engineering profession needs more creative people to come up with new solutions to creating more sustainable structures, Artists rather than Mathematicians, computers to do the math and creative people to come up with ingenious and enterprising solutions. Sounds about right to me, the Industry really doesn't promote creative's, it's all stuck in the past, needs have changed and we all must be more creative and innovate.

I'm not sure how these creative new engineers will fit in with the existing industry, perhaps they can't all be put in nice neat boxes, I have a feeling that they will define themselves rather than be defined.


Kevin Taylor ABEng

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